Alice Pixie Tulle Dress in Lilac

S: PTP 15.5'' WAIST 13.5'' HIP 22'' DOWN 35''  (Fits UK6-8)

M: PTP 16.5'' WAIST 14.5'' HIP 22'' DOWN 35'' (Fits UK8-10)

L: PTP 17.5'' WAIST 15.5'' HIP 23'' DOWN 36''  (Fits UK10-12)

XL: PTP 18.5” WAIST 16'' HIP 23'' DOWN 36''  (Fits UK12-14)


Crochet Top

Tulle Skirting

Non concealed back-zip

Size Guide

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Size Guide


Measure across your chest at the fullest point of your bra cup. Make sure to go UNDER your arms and not around them.

Measure across the smallest part of your waistline, just above the belly button.

Measure across the fullest part of your hips/the part where it sticks out the most.

Dress length
Measure from the high point of your shoulders and down the length of your back.

Across shoulders
Measure across the two points of your shoulders.


Do note that our inches (as denoted by the ” sign) are taken ACROSS and not AROUND. (i.e: Waist 24″ is 12″). A difference of 0.5″-1″ between the item(s) in our given measurements will not be considered as a defect.

Do note that given the chart, sizes may still differ so always use the given measurements provided in the item description for a better gauge of size fit.

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